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Wellness Services

Hormone Replacement

Aging doesn't have to slow you down. You can live optimally and regain the energy, sex drive and vigor for life as you did when you were young.  Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement is the answer to getting back to living the life you love!


E-Stim Holistic Therapy for people suffering from conditions such as: sciatica, migraines, arthritis, injury of knee ligaments, tennis elbow, kidney and abdominal pain, neurological diseases, including chronic pain, spasms and more.  E-Stim, also known as needle-less accupuncture

triggers your body to heal and get back to enjoying life once again. 

Needle-less Accupuncture

Coming Soon!

Life Coaching

Just like an athlete needs a coach to be at his or her best, you too can benefit from your own personal coach. Life Coaching helps to break habits and patterns in life that hold you back from creating the life you really want to live. We will show you how to release what is not serving you and provide you with tools to move you forward in a positive direction.

Reiki Treatments

Release stress and experience a deep sense of relaxation with this centuries old treatment.  Reiki treatments have become a staple in top hospitals and clinics due to the marked recovery of patients who received Reiki as a part of their care.

Snoring Treatment

Don't allow snoring to get in the way of your health and relationships.  Relief is just a quick visit away!  At the FIRM Cosmetic and Wellness Center, Dr. Ruiz combines two effective procedures for snoring to provide optimal results to get you back to living a happier, healthier life!

SeiShin Wa Therapy

SeiShin Wa Therapy combines Reiki, Sound Therapy and Life Coaching to create both mental and physical harmony. Together they are valuable tools to help you move forward in life with clarity, peace and confidence.

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